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3 Reasons Why Metal Roofing May Be The Best Option For Your Home

metal roofing

Harsh winter weather and variable spring conditions can take their toll on your roof, which means there's no better time to consider roof replacement. But if you're like most homeowners, you may be overwhelmed by all the roofing choices at your disposal. Your residential roofing contractor will be a valuable resource in making a final decision on roofing materials for your home. Before you consider traditional asphalt shingles, here's why you might want to consider switching to metal roofing.

  1. They're long-lasting and durable One of the best reasons to opt for a metal roof is how long they last. Metal roofs are credibly proven to last 30 years or more with very little effort on your part. Although they might be more of an investment initially, they're actually more cost-effective over time because they won't really require repairs or frequent replacement. You can enjoy your new roof for three to five decades before you ever have to consider getting a new one. That means that it's a better long-term financial option, as well as a less-frustrating one.

  2. They don't require much maintenance With metal roofing, you'll be dealing with very minimal upkeep. All you'll need to do is clear off debris and branches, keep your gutters clean, and touch up with paint (if applicable) every so often. With other kinds of roofs, you'll probably need to replace shingles, fix flashing, or address leaks at some point. But when metal roofs are properly installed, they're incredibly resistant to water, corrosion, and other kinds of damage. Therefore, you'll be less stressed and won't need to put additional time and money into roof maintenance.

  3. They're eco-friendly If you've been looking for ways to go green at home, metal roofing is a great way to go about it. Not only are many metal roofs made of recycled materials to begin with, but they can also be recycled after their 30-year run. In addition, metal roofing has better solar reflective qualities, meaning that your home will absorb less heat. That'll save you a lot of money on your cooling bills in the summer time, which translates into better energy efficiency. And because the production of metal roof materials releases fewer emissions than other types of roofing material production, you can be assured you're making the best choice for planet preservation.

It's certainly rare to find a roofing material that can provide the advantages above while still being an aesthetically pleasing option. For many homeowners, there's no better choice than a metal roof. If you're curious about installing a metal roof on your home, we're here to help. Contact us today to find out more!

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