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When Is The Best Time Of Year For Roof Replacement?

roofing installation

Choosing what kind of new roof to get for your home can be tough. Around 88% of homeowners surveyed felt durability was the top factor, while 83% said longevity was most important. But when you schedule your roofing installation can be almost as important as the type of roofing materials you choose. Is there an ideal time to schedule your roof replacement?Many experts say yes. If you aren't dealing with a roofing installation emergency and can afford to wait a bit and choose exactly when to replace, biding your time might pay off. Peak roofing season (which is the busiest time for your local roofers) typically lasts from July or August and through the fall. Getting your roof installed in late summer or early fall is usually preferable because the temperatures may be cooler and the weather may be drier. That said, you'll pay for having roofing installation performed during these months. Because residential roofing companies are so busy during these seasons, many of them will inflate their prices. Plus, you may have to wait longer to get your roof replaced, if you can even secure an appointment. Instead, you may find better prices and availability if you get your roof replaced in late fall or even in winter. While the weather may not be as predictable and the installation process may take a bit longer, the cost savings may be worth it. In addition, many roofs (including metal roofs) can easily be installed in winter. While some tools are impacted by temperature, having your roof installed in the winter can allow your roofing company to take the time that a given project really requires and can even cut down on stress and frustrations on your end. Ultimately, the time you choose to have a new roof installed is up to you and your roofing company. But it's important to know what roof replacement can be done during the winter months. Not only is it logistically possible, but it can be an excellent decision in terms of your schedule and your budget. That said, you shouldn't wait until winter hits before you schedule your roof replacement. Get in touch with your local roofers to make sure everything's squared away so you don't have to delay your installation any longer than necessary.

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