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How Do I Know If My Roof's Been Damaged By Hail?

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Hailstorms are a menace in any part of the U.S. including Oklahoma and Texas. In fact, just this past March heavy hailstorms made their way over Oklahoma and Texas, threatening the residential roofing of homeowners everywhere. Hail can cause a whole lot of damage. This is especially true if the initial damage caused by hail goes unnoticed and unrepaired. But how can you tell if your home has suffered hail damage and needs roof maintenance? Consider the following ways you can tell whether or not your residential roofing has taken a beating and needs immediate roof maintenance.

  1. Stand outside and look for inconsistencies. It can be dangerous to climb a ladder and inspect your roof from the roof's edge. Instead, take a few steps away from your home until you can see the entire roof. You may be able to spot shingles that have been cracked, broken, or removed from the roof from the hail's impact.

  1. Check for asphalt granules. If you have asphalt shingles, you may be able to detect roofing damage by looking for granules. The top granule layer of your shingles will be broken and knocked off first when hail hits your roof. These granules are then washed into your downspout when it rains. For this reason, you may be able to detect roofing damage if you notice granules in your downspout.

  1. Look for dents. Unlike metal roofing, the metal of gutters and downspouts is thin. This means when hail hits your gutters, it can cause dents. Consider running a piece of colored chalk along your downspout to detect any dents. Dents in your downspout and gutters could mean possible roof damage. Another place to look for dents is your AC unit. The aluminum fins of your AC's condenser coil are exposed to the elements and may bend when hit with hail.

It can be difficult to detect whether your roof has sustained hail damage on your own. A commercial roofing contractor has experience detecting roofing damage of all kinds. Regardless of damage, your home's roofing should be inspected by a professional at least twice a year. To make an appointment for roof maintenance and inspections, contact Abel Aleman Roofing today.

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